Ronni Nicole

Hi. Thanks for stopping by.  I create what I love to call "Floral Inspired Fossils". For as long as I can remember, I've always had a connection with flowers. I'm consumed by all the little details within their design.  Even from a young child I can remember drawing them, pressing them, drying them, basically any arts and crafty thing I could think of to do with flowers I did. My floral obsession took me on a journey that would eventually lead me here.   I finally feel I've found the perfect way to collect all the subtle details of the flower that I wasn't able to do in any of my other art practices.

This form of preservation is very special to me. Creating each piece is therapeutic in a way that helps me reach the clarity I need to feel at peace.    I start by rolling out a slab of clay before pressing the flowers into it.  I spend hours smoothing out the clay to make sure it's perfectly soft and will capture every single detail of the flower. Through repetitive actions I'm able to clear my thoughts, allowing my day dreams to roam wild. Any mental excess is quickly washed away and I'm left with a clear mind. Having a clear head makes for the most beautiful results.

Every design I create is purposeful.  My Floral Inspired Fossil are meant to make you feel a certain way when you look at them.  They are also meant to give you permission to slow down in life.  Since many of the details captured from the flower are quite subtle, you will need to stop what you are doing.  Your undivided attention is absolutely necessary or you might miss something.  Once you walk away, they will do what they do best. They will hang in the background of your home until you are ready to slow down again.


PS.  Don't be surprised if you find me working on other flower preservation techniques.  My love for flowers runs deep, so exploring new ways to idolize them is a path I'm always willing to travel. 


Photo by Amy Franz


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