Ale, Punch, Big Brown Classic, Harvey, Romeo, Mel & Sussie

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This is Ale. He is one of many cute neighbors I have including his momma Sussie. Not that long ago David and I decided that we had enough of the city grind and wanted more space. This was done on a whelm, but without much effort at all, we ended up next door to six Alpacas, twenty chickens, three ducks, two dogs, three cats, and Sussie. This place was the start of something new. Upon our arrival Ale was the first to welcome us to the neighborhood. He is the Neighborhood Watch, and does an excellent job. Sussie and her husband have lived here over 30 years. Just before we moved next door, her husband became very ill and is now in 24 hour nursing care. She goes to see him as often as she can. She is such a hard worker. Everyday before and after work, she tends to her land and her fur babies. On top of that, Sussie has been helping us with our garden too. The land was in bad shape when we first got here, and when she heard about our plans to get the land back to where it should be, she lended her time and skills to helping us. It’s funny, when you live in a big city it’s easy to get trap in the chaos around us. To survive you make yourself unavailable. You pass each other by without really learning that much about them. This is an entirely different environment. She is the meaning of community.



Chickens & Ducks

The Housemates

Two Dogs and three cats

(including a new comer Chase)

Chase has been through a lot. While driving home from work, Sussie saw this him on the side of the road. He was hit and was in bad shape. She took him to the vet and they had to amputate his front leg. As soon as Chase was strong enough, she adopted him and brought him to his forever home. He is doing amazing and loves all of his housemates.

aDozen eggs

and flowers to go

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