The Violet Beauregarde

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Nothing goes to waste in the Robinson household. I had cut more than a few blueberry branches in search of the perfect ones to use for my Blueberry Ron Nicole Limited Edition. My Hubby, David Robinson AKA The Philly Wine Guy used this opportunity to make us a tasty cocktail with the left over berries.

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The Violet Beauregarde Recipe below

Photographed by AMY FRANZ



  1. Pack a highball glass with ice

  2. Pour 2.5 ounces of your favorite gin (or vodka)

  3. Add 1 oz Blueberry simple syrup (see recipe below)

  4. Top off with premium tonic (we used Fever Tree Elderflower, but you can use whatever flavor/brand you like)

  5. Garnish with fresh squeezed lime & mint

Blueberry syrup

1 cup Blueberries

1 cup water

½ cup Sugar

A few mint leaves

  1. Combine allingredients in a pot and bring to a boil

  2. Reduce heat to a simmer

  3. Stir occasionally and cook until a jammy consistency is reached, about 20-30 minutes

  4. Pick out the mint leaves and refrigerate the syrup until you’re ready to use it 

This blueberry syrup is also great for use on cheesecake, yogurt, pancakes, ice cream, and more! You can also add it to non-alcoholic beverages such as iced tea or lemonade. 

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