Start Small

Stop trying to figure it out all at once.

WARNING: FUCK is used a few times in this post

I get it, you just discovered what you want to do in life and you want everything to be perfect before the world sees it (or should I say, judge you, hmmmm?) 

I remember that feeling I would get when I first came up with an idea.  My mind would go full speed ahead.  Fuck taking small steps, you go big or go home. I had to make it all perfect right now or I wouldn't dare put my name on it.  Website had to be legit, business cards had to be on point, I had to know everything about what I was doing.  I mean if I didn't have it all put together, why in the world would anyone want to work with me. 

I would set the bar so high for myself, that I end up talking myself out of it. This was a vicious cycle for me which took me over a decade to overcome. 

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How could I feel so defeated when I barely took a few steps. It took me a while to realized what I was doing to myself.  I was trying to measure myself against everyone around me.   They were married, starting a family, and here I am just coming up with some fucking idea.  I felt I was so far behind, and wanted to rush everything so I could catch up.  This kind of thinking was a disaster. I was setting myself up to be disappointed and consistently having to deal with my own unmet expectations.

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Why are you adding all this pressure to yourself? You just figured out what you want in life, don't trample all over it by overcrowding your judgment with unnecessary challenges.   


Stop clinging to unrealistic expectations

Break down your ideas into a simple actions


When I realized my gift with making floral inspired fossil, I took a different route than normal.  I decided that I would go in the opposite direction this time. Instead of moving forward with my idea, I stepped backwards.  I stepped as far back as I could, until there were no more challenges, obstacles, speed bumps, anything that would hinder me from using my gift. I broke it down to a simple assignment I knew I could do everyday. Since I already enjoyed making my floral inspired fossils, I knew I wouldn't need much prep talk to do it. Creating my pieces eventually became routine. Every now and then I would photograph one and post it on on my instagram. I honestly didn't even try to take great photos back then.  I just wanted to keep a record of my journey. Before I knew it, a friend asked me to participate in one of her upcoming art markets. Since I was making them on a consistent basis, I had enough pieces to pull together a collection. 

Now of course there was that usual voice in my head that was ready to freak me out, but I quickly reminded myself how I got here in the first place.

SO WHAT I didn't have any professional photos or website to tell folks to check out.  So what my business cards look like shit because they were hand torn.  SO WHAT my floral pieces weren't perfect.  SO THE FUCK WHAT.  I participated in my first art market without any of it, and every one of my fossils sold that night.  NO ONE FUCKING CARED. They saw the potential in my work and that was enough. 

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Allow yourself to grow into the person you imagined.  It doesn't have to happen right now and in this very instant for you to get started.  People will still invest in you for your potential. 

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it doesn't all have to be figured out before you pursue your dreams.

allow the details to naturally evolve.

take broad strokes at first and fill in the details later. 

this opens more oppotunity. 

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 careers takes off at different points in a person's life.


where you are now is where you should be.

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Remember you don't have to have it all figured out before someone see the potential in what you have to offer. A gift should be nourished and handled with delicacy.  Those that see your potential would never want to rush you, and they definitely wouldn't judge you. They too see your gift and are happy to come along on your journey.


"No matter where you find yourself, you can always choose again. As long as you have breath, you can start over. There is no complexity except in the mind. There is only this simple moment. There is no promise in the distance. The promise is here. It's everywhere. If you are feeling lack, it is because you are not appreciating yourself and your journey. You are not forgiving yourself for things you imagine you should have done or been. " Tama Kieves


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