The Raychelle Collection

"in pursuit of happiness"

Dedicated to my sister

Spring Raychelle


being able to reflect is very important to our happiness. my use of circles are there to resemble mirrors and windows. it's not us looking out, but instead looking in.

how do you see yourself.

if flowers could peep through a window of your soul,  

what would they find?

IMG_1230 3.JPG

i bet they'd see an amazing person.  someone who is kind, beautiful and smart.   

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flowers have such a beautiful point of view

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i bet if you come in closer so they can get a good look at you, they would see someone full of hopes and dreams. someone who is ready to spread their wings and show the rest of us what you're made of. 

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if you are afraid of what they might find, it might be time to do some spring cleaning. those skeletons can't be kept hidden forever. it's either time to embraced them or let them go. being proud of the person you are is the first step towards gaining that inner happiness.

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don't let your "flaws" stop you from being happy.  your "flaws" are the most attractive thing about you.  it's what makes you so interesting. and besides, you are the only one thinking about them. while you are over there wishing you had my cheekbones, i'm wishing i had your smile.

change the way you see yourself. because i'll say what the flowers are already thinking. 


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