The Dorene Collection Part 3- Tick Tock tick tock


what's inside us that forces us to start this invisible clock to reach our goals. this is a mistake that i see more than often. as soon as we've discovered "the idea" we set a time limit on how long we will pursue it. we tell ourselves, we only have a certain amount of time to make it happen. 

DSC_0902 (1).JPG


we ask ourselves...

will my dreams wait until i'm ready

what if i'm not ready in time.  will i be left behind?


sometimes these feeling forces us to rush our dreams before we are ready to truly be impactful. we're scared we might miss out on the opportunity.


don't rush, wait it out.  only move at your pace. you and your work will thank you for it later.


if what you have to offer is as special as you say, give it the time it needs to grow.  nourish it everyday. the opportunities you're looking for will be knocking on your door in no time. but because you waited until you were ready, you won't need a leap of faith. instead you will be stepping into your new opportunity with confidence.


photos by Amy Franz