The Dorene Collection Part 2


look into the mirror of your soul


let's peel back the layers...

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Be honest with yourself.  Define who you are so that you live a life that you want to have.  You don't have to be perfect to be successful.  I think it's our flaws that makes us the perfect match for what we decide to do. Here are some of my proud flaws.

YES, I’m a messy mess

YES, I’m uncoordinated

YES, I can be a “fuck up”

YES, I do make myself up to make others feel better.

NO I don’t always try as much as I should

NO I don’t always work as hard as I should

YES I am a slow achiever

YES I’m still not sure what I want in life

YES It’s true I may never know what I want in life

NO I don’t think you should have it all figured out

YES I sometimes distant myself from others

YES I’m unconfident in most of what I do

YES I can be persuaded either way

YES that probably means I'm flakey

NO I do not judge

YES I have a shit ton of other shit “wrong” with me

YES I’m okay with that

NO I don’t plan on changing it


work with what you have, the rest will follow.


dig into the details of yourself.

photos by Amy Franz and video by Ronni Nicole