Greek Oregano, American Basket, scabiosa, & cornflower 02

Greek Oregano, American Basket, scabiosa, & cornflower 02

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MINOR FLAWS: Jasperware Color Experiment

(flaws do not impact the integrity of the piece)

Flowers: Greek Oregano, American Basket, scabiosa, & cornflower

THREE Repeats made

I lay the individual flowers onto hand-rolled clay. One by one, I carefully remove them to expose all of their beautiful details left behind. After placing a wooden frame over the clay, I pour my plaster/concrete mix. Once the mix has set, the clay is peeled away to reveal the relief. I make 1-4 floral fossils repeats from the original clay mold. Each one different from the last. The original clay mold is then disposed of, never to be used again. As my fossils are always made by hand, imperfections are bound to happen. Their purposeful imperfections are unique to each piece making them a true one of a kind.


The sculpture has a copper loop in the back for easy hanging. 

Dimensions: 10 x 10 inches

Color: Japerware Inspired

Materials Used: Clay, Flowers, Plaster, Concrete, Water, CopperWire


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