Ron Nicole
Ron Nicole
Floral Inspired Fossils
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I am Ron Nicole

HELLO, My name is Ronni. I was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA and now live here with my cat, dog, and hubby. As someone who shies away from attention, I wanted to create something that reflects my personality, and also my subtle style. These pieces embody the perfect balance of understated beauty and simple design. Each of them bears a part of my soul. Although I use masculine materials, like plaster, concrete, and sander the finished result looks and feels quite feminine. My pieces are representative of the female spirit in that they are delicate and beautiful on the outside, but draw all of their strength from their cores.  Taking inspiration from the world around me, I wanted my pieces to be a celebration of natural beauty. Mother Nature provides a constant backdrop to our everyday lives, and she is never vain nor conceited. My art is a reflection of her. I didn’t want to create something loud that would distract us from the soul of the home when hung on the wall; instead, I wanted my art to speak in soft tones. It doesn’t overwhelm or demand a room of attention; it’s humble enough to exist in the background. Thanks for stopping by. 
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Picture taken by Amy Franz