Ron Nicole
Ron Nicole
Floral Inspired Fossils


What do you call your Artwork? Floral Inspired Fossils. 

Where do you source your flowers? Many of my flowers are soured from my local flower shop, flower farm, trail walks, and neighborhood. I'm constantly on the lookout for that special flower.  Other times, I have knocked on a persons door when I notice they have a beautiful garden.  Most garden enthusiast are very eager to tell me all about their garden and share some of their plants with me so that I can preserve them.  In the future I hope to travel the world preserving all kinds of plants.    

What is your process? I start by rolling the clay by hand until it is smooth and even. I find this part very therapeutic. During this phase I'm able to listen to myself and clearly hear my thoughts. For those of us who live in the city, listening to your inner voice can be a very hard task to manage. By the time I've finish prepping the clay, my mind is clear and I'm able to create a design with the flowers that reflect their way of being.  Once I've finished arranging the flowers on the clay I press them into it creating deep impressions. Each flower then has to be removed sometimes with tweezers before pouring my plaster/cement mix. After that, I wait...    Once they have set, I slowly peal back the clay to reveal the beautiful details left behind.

Why do you name your collection after women? When I stated my journey, I knew I wanted to honor the wonderful women in my life.  So when picking a name for my first collection, I wanted her to represent a fresh start. Going through this path, was like a fresh start, and at the time my Mother-in-law was also seeking one too.  She was just diagnosed with cancer and although it was the toughest time in her life, she thought only of others.  She is the reason why I have so many art supplies and botanical books in my studio. From the moment she found out about my passions, she has been very supportive.  I also wanted to honor my hubby, as he is the best man I know. He has pushed me to follow my dreams and have supported the dreams that I choose to follow.  Honoring his mom, was also like honoring him.  

What would you call this medium of art?  I start with hand-rolled clay and press real flowers into it before pouring the plaster/cement. The finished result is a plaster and cement piece.

How much is shipping? There is a $5 flat fee for all US and Canada shipping and an additional $1 for every added item.  Shipping cost for International order must be calculated and invoiced. You will receive invoice within 1 business day.

Where do you ship? . Ron Nicole ships world wide. 

When will my order ship?   All ready made items are processed to ship on Tuesdays and Thursday and shipped out within 24 hours. Most made to order items  take2- 4 weeks depending on the complexity of the art.

Rush Shipping? If you would like to arrange to have your Ron Nicole earlier please email me at, subject: “Rush” and I will do my best to fulfill your request. Custom Made orders usually take up to 4 weeks before they are shipped. If it's a ready made item I will gladly rush shipment.  You will receive an invoice for the additional shipping.

Who styled and photograph your items? Most of my images are photographed by Amy or myself.  You can see more pictures of my art on my instagram account @iamronnicole

Collaborations? I love love love collaborations and I'm always looking to work with other artists. Email me at

How do refunds, exchanges, and returns work? While I hope you love your new Ron Nicole piece, I am happy to chat about any issues concerning your satisfaction. I stand behind what I do, and want you to love it too. That being said, if you are at all unhappy with your purchase, please get in touch with me via email Please do so within 24 hours of receiving your shipment, so that we can discuss a resolution together; whether it is issuing a credit note or exchange.  I only offer refunds in exceptional circumstances. (To be eligible for any of the above, all items must be returned in new condition.)

My piece was received damaged! Please contact me immediately at

Can i carry Ron Nicole Floral Fossils in my store? Please contact me at

Do you offer discount rates when making large orders? If you are looking to purchase multiple pieces/or have me create entire sets for you or your interior design project please contact me at

Custom Pieces? Coming soon